A few safety tips to consider…

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  • There is NO phone service at Horning’s Hideout. There will be WIFI for a fee. Please plan accordingly.
  • Always remember what your kids are wearing in case they get lost, take a snapshot of necessary.
  • Take the time to show your children around and where maps are locate to effectively navigate to portable toilets, bath house, water station, medical tent and areas they can go if they are lost or need help. Maps are available within the festival guide and around the festival grounds.
  • Bring a travel medical kit, there is an awesome medical crew, yet is is good to have that handy.
  • Make sure all under-age children have a white wristband bands with the parent’s name written with permanent marker. In the event that you get separated, our lost child/lost parent protocol will take effect between the medical crew and production staff. All lost child/lost parent protocol reuniting happen at the Medical Tent located at the top of the amphitheater.

☆☆☆● Lost Child Protocol●☆☆☆

We request that any parent that becomes separated from their child, or child that becomes separated from their parent(s), notify a staff or security or medical personnel immediately. It is also important to follow the directions of the security team, we have system to act quickly. All lost children/lost parents will be directed to reunite at the Medical Tent located at the top of the Main Stage Amphitheatre. When a child is missing, all entry/exits from the main stage will be stopped and all vehicle traffic will be stopped from exiting venue so that the identity of any exiting children can be verified. If the parent finds the child after a report is made, to allow movement to flow once more, it is important to notify security that you located your child. We apologize for any inconvenience that results from this policy. We appreciate calm cooperation. Let’s keep our children safe!

  • Use Buddy System: Encourage kids explore in two or more at all times.
  • Kids under 11 or without a general admission wristbands, will not be permitted to enter or leave the Main Stage amphitheater gates or Cascadia amphitheater check points without a parent or adult.
  • Remind children of the safety guidelines. Music events are very crowded and activating and it can be easy to get lost in the activity and wander. If this happens in your group or family, greet the child’s return with hugs and love, being lost or injured is scary for them too.
  • Remember to not panic. If your child is lost or injured string Summit’s event crew always finds a lost child with in minutes and the medical team is on the ball. Panicking doesn’t help anyone solve a solution faster.
  • Also visit event info and Horning’s Rules & Regulations.
  • Have fun play and allow the experience to flow. Remember that the normal routines of home easily fade.

Arriving with your family:

Family Camping Area:   Family camp is located (behind Horning house) or (left of the red barn “peacock barn”) this area is reserved to be a quiet zone after 10 pm. If you wish to camp with other families in Family Camp, upon arriving at box office express that to the box office personnel scanning your tickets. They will give you a specific “Family Camp” parking pass sticker for your windshield. This is to help facilitate you getting to family camp more easily. If you have any questions, please ask a parking staff.

  • Please remember to drive with caution and follow the parking facilitators direction.
  • Camping and parking is tight. We recommended that families arrive on Thursday prior to gates opening to line up. If possible carpool. Or use the shuttle if possible.
  • Again, We ask all children under 11 to have their name and their parents name written on FREE all white wristbands that parking volunteers will provide at the front gate. To ensure entry moves quickly having a permanent marker ready will help. Writing it on the underside will keep personal info more private. This protocol is to help reunite kids with parents if there is a missing or injured minor.

°Gates open Thursday at approx. 10:00AM close at Midnight.

Gates open Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8:00AM and close at Midnight each day except Sunday at 6PM.