Band Competition Full

Our selections do not occur until early May, which should provide time to book the date if you are not selected as one of the four or five finalists. If selected there are likely more playing opportunities at the event, possibly for pay as well although nothing is promised. We appreciate all the hard work and heart that is put into making music and it shows through very vividly!

Congratulations to our FIVE Finalist for the 2018 Band Competition! ­

Nathaniel Talbot – Portland, OR
August First – Westborough, MA
Five Letter Word – Portland, OR
Dusty Green Bones Band – Rohnert Park, CA
The Squarshers – Fayetteville, AR

Some Previous Winners Include:

2017 Winner: Talbott Brothers
2016 Winner: Ginstrings
2015 Winner:John Craigie
2014 Winner:Left Coast Country
2013 Winner: Lil Smokies
2012 Winner: Betty & The Boy
2011 Winner: Windy Hill
2010 Winner: Pert Near Sandstone
(earlier years on website)