Northwest String Summit

Northwest String Summit Cinema at the Kinfolk Revival Tent will feature the Epic Creative documentary Turn Left at the Peacock as well as the new follow-up, Return of the Peacock several times throughout the weekend. Take a break from the sun and music and treat your mind and soul to our thought provoking featured documentaries on poignant topics affecting the Pacific Northwest and the world. The Breach is a compelling story of the plight of the salmon and their intrinsic and historical relationship with humans and the rest of nature. Filmmaker Mark Titus embarks on a journey to discover where the wild salmon have gone, and how to bring them back to the Pacific Northwest.

North Fork Studios will be presenting two very compelling and award winning films on topics effecting the PNW.
Behind the Emerald Curtain sheds some weary light on the unsustainable practices and policies of Big Timber and the effects of clearcutting of the forests of the PNW on the watersheds and on all life. Wild Reverence follows another hot topic the fisheries of the PNW and the negative effects that human involvement with hatcheries are having on wild steelhead.