Northwest String Summit

Hey there—this is Brian Band, your friendly Strummit attendee and ambassador. I wanted to talk a little bit about the food at String Summit (because it is definitely worth talking about) and I would love to hear your guy’s input on what your go to Festival food is!


We like to have a blend of camp food and food court food, and the choices this year are awesome!

I start my day early, so I need a little bit of quick food when I wake. A tub of yogurt and some bulk granola does the trick just fine.


Another thing my wife is going to make before String Summit are egg bites. She will scramble some eggs, pour them into a muffin tin and bake them. Makes quick easy eggs that can go with anything.


For breakfast in the food court you can visit a number of places including Poutine for Your Mouth with their Incredible “Hangover Plate” which is eggs, fries, bacon, and cheese curds!


Or you can find breakfast at Coalesce Juice and Vegan Bar where they serve hot quinoa oatmeal or a quinoa, sweet potato, caramelized onion and egg (you can add cashew cheese for an experience!)


For lunch we often do easy and quick. This usually means assorted crackers, cheeses, salami and lunch meats. Nuts and/or trail mix goes well with this, too.


Because the music is running constantly we usually give our dinner to the food court as this can be fast. I find with the variety of vendors there is always something different for dinner each night.


Late night you have to be prepared to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and trail mix. You are exhausted, and you are starving because you just danced your ass off for 12 hours.

Sometimes when my wife is too tired to even make peanut butter and jelly, she swears by protein powder and almond milk.


Here is a list of just a few of the vendors you can expect:


Coalesce Juice & Vegan Kitchen: This is awesome—vegetable juice combos, spritzers, nori wraps, collard wraps, salads and a variety of breakfast options.

Poutine Your Mouth: Think cheese curds, fries, bacon, eggs, gravy. What more could you ask for?

Pie for the People: PIZZA, usually three or four flavors. Neat unique combinations!

Bamboo Grove: Hawaiian food. Stir Fry’s. Lumpia. Kim Chee. Ribs. Teriyaki Chicken.

Dump City Dumplings: This would be a late-night staple. A couple of little savory dumplings and you will be a happy bear.

Grilled Cheese Love: Any questions? How about bacon on your grilled cheese?

Creperie Les Bon Temps: The most amazing crepes! So many combinations you can make. Last year my daughter’s Willow and River ate here four times a day! Yes seriously, four times a day!

Ali Baba’s Tribal Treats: Gyros’, chicken shawarma, lamb plate, chicken plate, vegetarian combo.

Killa Dilla: Gourmet Quesadillas. I will be eating here multiple times myself. This is comfort food!


Happy Eating!