Northwest String Summit

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Participate in the Leave No Trace Campsite Challenge!

How Do I Participate?
First, arriving to the festival in as green a fashion as possible is part of the equation (hike, bike, public transit, carpool). Other than that, it’s all about how green your camp is (greening tips available for download here and ). Anyone camping on the on site is invited to nominate their own campsite or a neighbor’s campsite.
1) Submit a campsite entry form, including a sketch of your campsite at the Leave No Trace booth in Music Meadow.
2) Stop by the Leave No Trace booth each day to view all the campsite entries. Campsite finalists will be chosen daily by staff.
3) String Summit and Leave No Trace staff will select the grand prize winner on Sunday morning and the winner will be contacted directly by festival staff.

How Do I Win?
It’s simple. Just enter your campsite and each day we will randomly select one campsite as a finalist. Finalists will then be judged on three criteria:

Cleanliness. How are you keeping a clean and tidy camp?

Sustainability. How are you supporting the long-term health of our environment as an on site camper?

Creativity. How did you add fun flavor to your camp?

What Do I Win?
Prizes for daily finalists!

Grand prize: One grand prize winner will be selected by staff from the daily finalists to win two tickets for next year’s festival!

Here are some General Festival Guidelines to help you with the basics!