Northwest String Summit

Ready for a hassle-free camping experience? Let Project Shelter do the work – skip packing all your gear and focus on the fun!

Stay at a campsite in the String Summit Basecamp in the heart of our campground, where everything (tent included) is already set up, staked down, and ready to rock. These campsites have a private community area, shade structures, cooking equipment, tables, and even free morning coffee! Everything will be set up, fully furnished, and awaiting your arrival!

Packages Include:
Eureka Copper Canyon Tents
1 Eureka Camping Cot per Person (300 lbs capacity)
1 Camping Chair per Person
1 Lantern
Complimentary Ice (1 bag per day per campsite),
Complimentary morning coffee and water coolers included with access to community kitchen area.
Optional Sleeping Bag and Pillow ($30) (New)

Festival passes sold separately. Visit for more info and to reserve your campsite.