Northwest String Summit

We are excited to announce the 2016 Workshop schedule! Workshops and “casual concerts” will happen Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12:30PM until about 6:00PM under the Kinfolk Revival Tent. These workshops are hosted by Arthur Lee Land and are meant to provide and intimate setting to inspire unique collaborations and encourage interactivity with patrons and other players.
This year we are showcasing some all new themes with incredible talent from the Ben Kaufmann Cocktail Hour featuring Ben Kaufmann on multi-instruments along with some comedic contributions, to Song Writing workshops, to Instrument based focus groups like Banjer Camp featuring Danny Barnes, Dave Johnston, Andy Thorn, Chris Pandolfi, and Mike Bont, or Cello Voice with Ben Sollee, Gideon Fruedman, and Kina Muir, to inspired duets like Paul Hoffman & Joshua Davis (The Voice) or Happy Hour with Jon Stickley & Travis Book. There will also be theme based one-of-a-kind concerts that you will not find anywhere else, like Grateful Twang: A Celebration of the Grateful Dead’s Country Music Roots featuring Vince Herman, Scott Law, Arthur Lee Land, Silas Herman, Gregg Garrison and Alwyn Robinson, or Fallen Heroes with Tim Carbone & Friends: Songs of Merle Haggard, Prince, David Bowie, and more, and Danny Barnes’ NW Allstars with Scott Law.
There is something for EVERYONE to enjoy and learn so make sure to schedule in some of these while at String Summit! Visit the schedule page to start planning your days!
2016 Workshop Schedule