Northwest String Summit

The Yonder Hall of Fame began as a category in the annual year end Yonderpoll, a fan run poll started in 2001 where Kinfolk can vote for their favorite songs and shows of the year. Over the last ten years The Hall of Fame category acknowledged those people who have made important contributions to both the success of the band  and to the Kinfolk community. At this years String Summit, the Hall of Fame will be officially acknowledged by the band, and all previous inductees will be honored, including this year’s inductee, the inspirational Lilli Trippe.

Yonder Hall of Fame Inductees:

2001 Benjamin Hines

2002 Pastor Tim Christensem

2003 Mark Burnell

2004 Brad Burleson

2005 Penny Zemp

2006 Bobby Ray

2007 Benny Galloway

2008 Sandy Alexander and Stella Fleming

2009 Jeffrey Smith

2010  Lilli Trippe