A few things for families to consider when packing … and involving the kids with the packing Is A Good Way To Build Excitement!

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° Bring a travel medical kit, there is an awesome medical crew, yet is is good to have that handy.

° Water and refillable water containers *Please, no glass* There are ample refill stations throughout Horning’s Hideout – inside the amphitheater, adjacent to the Horning’s house, and across from the Production Office.

°Sun screen, shade umbrella, brimmed hats.

° Biodegradable soap. There are showers available within the amphitheater – 5 min for $5. Tokens can be purchase at the showers.

° Plenty of extra clothes, keeping fresh socks helps prevent blisters. Clothes for rain or shine I have never seen it rain yet it is a coastal area, best to be prepared.

° Good, sturdy close-toed walking shoes or boots.

° Kid carriers: such as wagon or hardy off road stroller for dirt paths are very helpful for taking the load off and it will help to transfer belongings from the car to you camping area.

° LOTS of snacks as you know kids get going and need extra fuel and hydration. A selection of snacks will be available at the festival general store and food vendors.

° Ground blanket and an extra blanket for sudden naps in the venue or kids area.

° Ear plugs or ear covers for everyone!

°Extra diapers and baby wipes come in handy.

°Garbage bags for trash and recycling. Start showing our kids how to recycle by sorting and helping out the recycling who works well after everyone is gone. There are trash and recycling facilities throughout the event grounds.

° Headlamps or Flashlights with extra batteries.  Glow sticks or cool Multi-color option is led flashlights to attach to your young ones. Please note that there are peacocks on the grounds and they like to eat glow sticks which are very toxic to them and youngins.

° Spray bottles to keep cool add a drop or two of orange or lavender oil making it invigorating or relaxing.

° Dust cloth or bandana. Hornings Crew does good with keeping the roads moist and dust at bay although when it is extremely dry it wont take much activity for dust to start floating. It is a good idea for those with sensitive breathing.

° Bring extra activities and toys for your family camp site.