Peacock Park ‘n’ Pick Drive-In Concert FAQs

Ticket Info : Limited Car Passes On Sale Tuesday, 4/6 9:00AM PDT


  • Payment Plans are available at the time of check out. Payment Plans require 25% down and balance paid in installments leading up to the event.
  • July 20 & July 21, Doors are at 3:00PM each day. Cars must be in place by 4:45PM. Show will start promptly at 5:00PM. *subject to change.
  • July 27 & July 28 Doors are at 5:00PM each day. Cars must be in place by 6:30PM. Show will start promptly at 7:00PM. *subject to change.
  • If you arrive late, you may be held in a holding area until we can safely park you.
  • Curfew each night is at 10:00PM.
  • Tickets will be purchased by car, with four(4) people per vehicle. One ticket per car, allowing 4 people per vehicle.
  • Each party may purchase additional add-on tickets if you have a larger vehicle that can safely accommodate more than four people (a seatbelt per passenger is required).
  • All concert goers of any age must have a ticket, and all bodies account for a space in your party by OHA regulation. If you choose to bring a child, please recognize people will be enjoying themselves in an adult atmosphere and children are required to stay in the assigned parking area. Unless accompanied by an adult to the bathroom.
  • Purchased ticket type guarantees your vehicle entry into the purchased parking section; spaces inside each section will be first come, first parked as is placed by the parking staff. Being first does not guarantee the best seats of the section but we will do our best to accommodate those who arrive earliest.
  • You must remain at your parking space unless you are moving to or from the restroom. Congregating with others that are not in your pod will not be allowed. Zero tolerance.
  • Masks will be mandatory anytime a fan is outside of their parking space. A strict Zero Tolerance policy will be enforced. Please adhere to all posted signage and direction from staff.
  • To ensure the best sight lines and most enjoyable experience, NO oversized vehicles will be allowed, such as full-size vans or RVs, in any tiers EXCEPT oversized vehicles section in the rear. If you arrive in a vehicle that exceeds our size restrictions of qualifying vehicle and have any other section than oversized, then you may be turned away.
  • Qualifying vehicle size means any vehicle under 6ft high (including roof racks) AND less than 18ft long. There will be a limited number of oversized vehicle passes sold to be parked in the rear of the lot.
  • You may bring your own low back chairs, snacks, and beverages. Please be respectful of those behind you and leave your flag poles, rage sticks, etc. at home.
  • Pack In & Pack Out ALL your trash, recycling, and personal items
  • Plan for a designated driver, and do not drink and drive. It is never worth it.
  • Restrooms are distanced. Please maintain social distancing if a line forms at restrooms. Each restroom unit is equipped with hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers will also be available at multiple placements around the restroom areas.
  • No Camping is allowed at this time.
  • No Smoking allowed

Prohibited items:

  • No pop up tents, canopies, umbrellas, awnings, totems or anything that could obstruct the view of those behind you.
  • No pets allowed with the exception of certified service animals.
  • No fireworks.
  • No fires or charcoal grills.
  • No laser pointers.
  • No weapons of any kind.
  • No drugs, No nitrous oxide, or illegal substances.


How many tickets do I need to purchase?                                    

The ticket/car pass entitles you to have 1 qualifying vehicle enter with up to 4 total people. Each party may purchase additional add-on tickets if you have a larger vehicle that can safely accommodate more than four people (a seatbelt per passenger is required). Qualifying vehicle means under 6ft tall (including any roof racks) and less than 18ft long


Can I watch the show outside of my vehicle?    

You must stay at your vehicle at all times except when moving to and from the restrooms. The additional space adjacent to your vehicle driver side are designed for guests to enjoy the show from outside of their vehicles while adhering to social distancing guidelines and ours and Horning’s Hideout’s rules and regulations about what is allowed. If outside of your vehicle, you must stay within the designated tailgate space and be thoughtful of those around you. Due to local guidelines, commingling between spaces is strictly prohibited.

Does everyone in a vehicle need a ticket?                        

Yes. While your original purchase accommodates your vehicle up to 4 people you will need to purchase additional tickets for additional passengers if your vehicle has seat belts for those additional passengers.These bar codes will be scanned at the same time as the car pass.


Can I bring a large vehicle?        

Any vehicle over 6ft tall (including roof racks) AND/OR longer than 18ft long is considered oversized. These vehicles are tall SUVs, full size vans, buses, large trucks, recreational vehicles, limousines, and other oversized vehicles will only be permitted in a very limited capacity at the rear of the parking area. If you arrive in a vehicle that exceeds our size restrictions and have any other tier than Oversized, then you may be turned away if we have no remaining oversized parking for you.


How many people are permitted per vehicle?

4 people per car pass, plus  add-ons can be purchased.


Are spaces reserved or general admission?

Spaces are general admission, first come, first parked within each section price level (also known as your color section). Please keep your ticket out and ready to show to our staff at multiple checkpoints until your vehicle is parked. You may not reserve a space for yourself or anyone else next to you.

Can I transfer tickets to a friend?

Tickets are non-transferrable and can only be scanned once. Your party must arrive in the same vehicle.


Can I buy tickets on-site? 

No, All passes are sold in advance. Tickets must be purchased in advance at



How are spaces assigned?        

Spaces will be assigned by section and price level (also known as your colo section). Within each color section, cars will be parked in order of arrival by our parking team. Being first does not guarantee the best seats of the section.


Are ADA spaces available?    

No, and instructions will be provided at the time of arrival to help with any accommodations. We’re here to help.


Can I bring my own food and beverage?

Yes! While grills, BBQ pits, open fires, tents and the like are not-permitted, you are welcome to bring your own pre-cooked food and beverages. As always, underage drinking will not be tolerated and we insist that you drink responsibly. Designated drivers are required. Please Pack Out what you Pack In.


Will food and beverage be provided on-site?

Depending on OHA guidelines we hope to allow for food trucks to have food items and non-alcoholic beverages. We are determining the most safe and effective way to order food and beverages. Either by order at the vendor, or through a web based ordering system and delivered safely to your space. Either way will require maintaining social distancing guidelines at all times. More details will be coming soon.


Am I required to wear a mask while attending the show?    

Concert goers are not required to wear masks while in their assigned parking area or in their vehicles, however, masks will be required if leaving your space to use the restroom facilities. Please check back and look out for pre-show communication via email and social as this information is subject to change.


Will restrooms be provided?        

Yes, portable restrooms will be available for your use. When traveling to and from restroom facilities, guests are required to maintain social distancing. Masks are required when outside of your pod. Your safety is our priority and for that reason, restrooms facilities will be sanitized in accordance with current local guidelines.


How will I see & hear the show?    

Similar to what you would find inside the traditional venue, we will have amplified music and speakers. FM Transmission may also be possible.

What health and safety protocols are in place for your staff?    

All State and County Health Department requirements will be followed by our staff throughout the entire event.


Are these live, in-person concerts?    

Yes! Each artist will be live in-person, performing on a stage in our meadow parking lot, surrounded by Oregon forests.