Peacock Pickin’ Party PODS Events Concert FAQs

Ticket Info : Limited PODS Passes On Sale Now

Yes, these times they are a changing rapidly….and this time for the better! We are excited to announce the changes to the format of these concerts! These will NO LONGER be a Drive-In event! They are now a PODS event where you will be parked in parking lots adjacent to the field where the shows will take place, then directed to the box office to have your passes scanned, wristbands given, and directed to your section where there will be socially distanced PODS (personal outdoor dance space) from which your group can enjoy the show. Much more below!

  • PODS are clearly demarcated, chalked-off circles or rectangles where people can set up their chairs, blankets, etc socially distanced from other groups within that section.
  • Car Passes are now called PODS Passes. PODS= personal outdoor dancing space, a socially distanced area where your group can hangout in your purchased section price level. Each PODS will allow for a maximum of 8 people which must include a PODS Pass (formerly a Car Pass which allows 4 people) PLUS upto 4 more PODS Add-on for that section price level.
  • PODS Pass patrons must all arrive together. This includes PODS Add-On passes holders.
  • Payment Plans are available at the time of check out. Payment Plans require % down and balance paid in installments leading up to the event.
  • July 20 & July 21, Doors are at 3:00PM each day.  Show will start promptly at 5:00PM. *subject to change.
  • July 27 & July 28 Doors are at 5:00PM each day.  Show will start promptly at 7:00PM. *subject to change.
  • Curfew each night is at 10:00PM.
  • Tickets will be purchased by PODS.. One ticket per PODS, allowing 4 people. PODS Add-ons passes for additional passengers will be available at time of check out. POD Add-Ons must arrive with the PODS PASS holder.
  • All concert goers of any age must have a ticket, and all bodies account for a space in your party by OHA regulation. If you choose to bring a child, please recognize people will be enjoying themselves in an adult atmosphere and children are required to stay in the assigned PODS area. Unless accompanied by an adult to the bathroom or vendors.
  • Purchased PODS PASSES guarantees your group of 4 entry into the purchased PODS section; PODS inside each section will be first come, first served.
  • You will be given a colored wristband corresponding to the section price level that you purchased the PODS Pass upon entry into the concert area. You must stay within your section pricing level (also known as your colored section).
  • There will be food and beverage vendors selling an assortment of offerings at the events.
  • Per CDC & OHA regulations, masks will be mandatory anytime a fan, if not fully vaccinated,  is outside of their PODS space. Please adhere to all posted signage and direction from staff.
  • Please remain at your PODS space unless you are moving to or from the restroom, vendors, or beer garden.
  • NEW! A Beer Garden selling beer, wine, and malternatives (cider, hard seltzer) will now be allowed onsite! While the beer garden will be a large open area, there will be limited numbers of patrons allowed in subject to OLCC & OHA COVID restrictions at the time of the event. There will be PODS within the Beer Garden to maintain distancing.
  • You may bring to your PODS your own low back chairs, blankets, snacks, and Non-alcoholic beverages. Please be respectful of those behind you and leave your flag poles, rage sticks, etc. at home.
  • No outside alcohol allowed.
  • Pack In & Pack Out ALL your trash, recycling, and personal items
  • Plan for a designated driver, and do not drink and drive. It is never worth it.
  • Restrooms will be provided onsite..
  • No Camping is allowed at this time.
  • No Smoking allowed

Prohibited items:

  • No Smoking.
  • No pop up tents, canopies, umbrellas, awnings, totems or anything that could obstruct the view of those behind you.
  • No pets allowed with the exception of certified service animals.
  • No fireworks.
  • No Glass containers.
  • No fires or charcoal grills.
  • No laser pointers.
  • No weapons of any kind.
  • No drugs, No nitrous oxide, or illegal substances.





What is PODS?                                    

A PODS is a Personal Outdoor Dancing Space. PODS will be clearly demarcated within each section price level (also known as your color section). These are first come, first served. These will have plenty of space in and around to allow for social distancing protocols.

Are spaces reserved or general admission?

Spaces are general admission, first come, first served within each section price level (also known as your color section).

Where will I park?
You will be parked by our staff in an adjacent parking lot. You will have to walk to the Box Office and concert area. You may bring carts, chairs, pre-cooked food and non alcoholic beverages.

How many people are allowed in a PODS?

Up to 8 people will be allowed in each PODS. You must have a PODS Pass (4 people), and an additional 4 PODS Add-Ons.


How many tickets do I need to purchase?                                    

The PODS Pass entitles you to have 1 PODS which includes 4 total people. Each party may purchase PODS Add-on tickets if you have a larger group.


Does everyone in  PODS need a ticket?                        

Yes. While your original PODS PASS accommodates a group of 4 people, you will need to purchase additional PODS Add On tickets for additional people.


How many people are permitted per PODS Pass?

4 people per PODS pass, plus  up to 4 additional PODS add-ons can be purchased separately. Up to 8 can go into a PODS.


Can I transfer tickets to a friend?                        

Tickets are non-transferrable and can only be scanned once. Your party must arrive in the same group.


Can I buy tickets on-site? 

No, All passes are sold in advance. Tickets must be purchased in advance at


Are ADA spaces available?    

Yes, and instructions will be provided at the time of arrival to help with any accommodations. We’re here to help.


Will alcohol be sold on-site?

Yes! OHA & OLCC will now allow a Beer Garden onsite service with a variety of beer, wine and malternatives (Cider, Hard Seltzer). You will be able to enjoy your alcoholic beverage while watching the concert within this area.While the beer garden will be a large open area, there will be limited numbers of patrons allowed in subject to OLCC & OHA COVID restrictions at the time of the event. There will be PODS within the Beer Garden to maintain distancing.


Will food and beverage be provided on-site?

Yes, there will be several local food and beverage vendors onsite.


Can I bring my own food and beverage?

You will be allowed to bring into the concert area your own pre-cooked food and NON-alcohol beverages. NO GLASS.


Am I required to wear a mask while attending the show?    

Concert goers are not required to wear masks while in their assigned PODS, and current State & CDC guidelines regarding masks will be enforced. Please check back and look out for pre-show communication via email and social as this information is subject to change.


Will restrooms be provided?        

Yes, portable restrooms will be available for your use. When traveling to and from restroom facilities, guests are required to maintain social distancing. Masks are required when outside of your pod. Your safety is our priority and for that reason, restrooms facilities will be sanitized in accordance with current local guidelines.


How will I see & hear the show?    

Similar to what you would find inside the traditional venue, we will have amplified music and speakers.

What health and safety protocols are in place for your staff?    

All State and County Health Department requirements will be followed by our staff throughout the entire event.


Are these live, in-person concerts?    

Yes! Each artist will be live in-person, performing on a stage in our meadow parking lot, surrounded by Oregon forests.