Northwest String Summit

Staff Information & Links

Staff, Crew & Service Provider Advance Form –  Departments heads are to fill Out this form for  onsite check in process and traffic flow.

Independent Contractor Agreement – Department heads are sent a separate email invitation from Google docs will be sent to you with a link to your folder. Compensation is listed as agreed upon. Meals & Lodging accommodations are as agreed upon in advance. If you are a department lead, you will be in charge of inviting your staff to their respective folders, following up with them to get all paperwork signed and returned to that folder.  Only that person, their dept lead, the producers, and accounting and will have access..

Staff Orientation Handbook –  Please read this packet in its entirety, download this form and RETURN signed/Dated Forms from Orientation Packet & Independent Contractor Agreement (in separate email), Golf Cart Waiver and a copy of drivers license . This will help Office Staff tremendously and expedite your check-in.

W9 – Please download this w9 form and RETURN signed/Dated Forms

Site Map

Check In Procedure – upon arrival, come the Office. See Melinda Holben, turn in signed forms (Independent Contactor Agreement, Waivers, w9, indemnification agreement if not already, receive credentials and meals; see QuarterMaster(Cortney) for check out of radio(s) and Golf Cart (where applicable).

All Paychecks will be issued on Monday, July 22 between 9am -3pm unless otherwise advanced with Accounting.


*Other departmental meetings will be determined individually. All meetings in Office unless otherwise noted*