Northwest String Summit

Yoga & Mindfulness

This year we are adding MORE to our mindfulness offerings at Northwest String Summit. Now, when we need clarity, compassion and open-hardheartedness more than ever we are adding meditations and more yoga movement and breathing classes throughout the weekend! It is so vital that we nurture our mind, body and soul so that we have the ability and energy to enjoy more of the event and each other. Please come out and enjoy any OR all of these offerings absolutely for FREE! All offerings will be held in the grassy meadow of Cascadia Village unless otherwise noted.

 2022 Schedules & Offerings

Offered Friday, Saturday & Sunday in the Cascadia Village Lawn.

8:30 – 9:30AM – Sutra Coffee Talk
9:45 – 10:45AM – All Levels With Shaney
11:00 – 12:00AM – All Levels With Rachel

Yoga Teachers:


Sarah Ewing:

I am so grateful for the return of NWSS!

I am a 25 year student of the yoga arts & sciences, a formally educated psychologist & most importantly a mother of two. This year I will be offering sutra talks and breathing practices with little take home gems to carry the spirit of NWSS with you. The yoga sutras are a collection of aphorisms that help me bridge psychology & spirituality. I look forward to meeting you… bring your coffee and good vibes!

I teach yoga as a way of prioritizing being accountable & disciplined. When I am accountable to a community, I better discipline my own healing first. Yoga’s nature of a self-reliant healing science allows for me to share my experience simply to inspire others in their own self-directed, self-reliant healing paths. I humbly thank my most influential teachers over that last 20 years, Tias Little, Bhavani Maki, Julie Rader, Eddie Modestini & The Bihar School of Yoga.

Shaney Aalbers:

Shaney Aalbers has been leading group movement practices since 1995 and has been working as a massage therapist since 2000. Shaney has lead and co-lead yoga retreats in 6 countries. She is a surfer wanna be for the last 10 years and has gathered over 30,000 miles of motorcycle travel experience within the past 5 years.Shaney has gathered influences in the Yogic arts from several industry leads here in the US as well residential studies a few times in India. She brings an eclectic mix to the group movement practice as a result. A Pacific Northwest born and raised gal, with world wide travel; Shaney lives in Portland with her two dogs, leading yoga asana classes at The People’s Yoga and sustaining a massage therapy practice ~ gratefully.

•STRING SUMMIT YOGA ASANA – tuning your bodily instrument

The sessions will welcome an opportunity to take inventory on the body. The sequencing will aim to support the Summit’s hours of grooving, ambling around the property and a hope to refresh the camper’s joints.


 Rachel Stern, RYT*

Rachel Stern is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her love of practicing and teaching yoga with her fellow NWSS festival-goers.  She has been teaching yoga in Portland, Oregon since 2006 and practicing consistently for over 20 years.  Rachel believes that the best yoga you can practice is the yoga that feels good in your body, invites more self-love and compassion, and helps you discover your authentic expression.  She honors that we are both exactly where we need to be, and always in the process of growing. She encourages students to challenge themselves while being mindful and respectful of their personal limitations.  Rachel’s classes blend clear alignment with joyous fun and will get your body, mind, and spirit in shape to throw down hard on the dance floor.  If you’re gonna party, make sure to take care of your body!*  You can find out more about Rachel’s offerings at

*So you can party even harder!